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Leona is a dedicated sports coach who has been actively involved in coaching since 2018. With a passion for fitness and exercise, she has explored various forms of physical activity and is currently pursuing her goal of becoming a certified Pilates instructor to further expand her expertise.

Believing strongly in the importance of self-expression and self-determination, Leona encourages everyone, regardless of gender, to pursue their aspirations with conviction. She advocates for following one's heart unapologetically and believes that with dedication and determination, anyone can achieve their goals.


Devika Panicker openly shares her experiences and insights on self-love, personal growth, and self-accountability
across platforms like Millennials of Singapore, Daily Ketchup, and TEDxYouthSingapore.

Alongside her roles as a painter, dancer, and actor, she was honored as Ms V Supreme 2019 on Vasantham, expanding her reach to share her journey of self-discovery and acceptance across various platforms.


Cynthia is a dynamic individual with a diverse background. After graduating from NUS with a degree in Pharmacy, she began her career as a pharmacist at a prestigious hospital. Now, she serves as a product specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, leveraging her expertise to enhance healthcare solutions.

With a special interest in mental health, Cynthia is passionate about making a positive impact in this field. In her free time, she enjoys pursuing hobbies such as modelling, exploring new destinations through travel, and creating engaging content that reflects her unique perspectives.

Leona : I love being a woman because I enjoy expressing my femininity through styling myself, applying makeup, and dressing up to showcase my unique identity.


Devika : I cherish being a woman for the sisterhood it brings. My female friendships offer profound emotional support, fostering an environment where I can truly blossom without fear of judgment. It's akin to being in a garden, where each flower blooms at its own pace, radiating its unique beauty carefreely.


Cynthia : Personally, I find joy in being a woman because of the multitude of ways we can visually express ourselves through our hair, clothes, and accessories. Moreover, I value the emotional depth and sensitivity that many women possess. It creates a nurturing environment where we understand each other's needs and boundaries, fostering meaningful connections.

Leona : One of my favorite self-care rituals is going on solo dates.

I prioritize self-care by indulging in alone time, engaging in exercise, and allowing myself to be alone with my thoughts. Exercising helps me clear my mind and reduces overthinking. I start by dolling up and enjoying a light breakfast before going on a peaceful walk.


Devika : Comparison is the thief of joy.

Rather than using comparison as a measure of growth, it's essential to focus on personal development without comparing oneself to others.


Cynthia: Being less harsh and judgmental towards myself has made a significant difference in my self-love journey.

Instead of trying to force positive self-talk, which often feels awkward and unsustainable, I've found it more manageable to simply reduce negative self-criticism.

Leona : At first, finding yourself can be challenging, but with time, it becomes possible.

I struggled with self-acceptance initially, constantly comparing myself to others and feeling inadequate. However, as I matured, I began to embrace myself more.

Devika : When in doubt, tune into your intuitions.

Even In my most crippling inner conflicts about my identity and individuality, the only thing that muffled my clarity was the external noise that was imposed upon by everyone else. I’ve learnt time and time again that when it comes to embracing my individuality, the answers i often seek have always been within me.


Cynthia: It's okay to stumble along the way and to be kinder to yourself.

Remember, comparing yourself to others or even to your past self isn't fair or helpful. Each person's journey is unique, and your circumstances today are different from what they were five years ago. Focus on embracing who you are in this moment and celebrate your individuality.

Leona: Every women should have the courage to stand up for herself

Devika: I hope for women to be unapologetically audacious of themselves

Cynthia: Don’t let societal standards and unrealistic expectations get to you